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About Us

What We Do

OSF’s role is to promote and advance squash in the Oceania Region by encouraging the development of the sport in Member Countries and coordinating regional squash events to improve player standards and foster friendships and cooperation between its Member base.



OSF Member Nations are diverse in both their size of administration and representation, ranging from Australia with a population of over 25 million people and over 1,600 squash courts, to Norfolk Island with only 1,800 people and 2 squash courts.


The 10 Member Nations of the Federation are:

· Australia

· Cook Islands

· Fiji

· New Caledonia

· New Zealand

· Norfolk Island

· Papua New Guinea

· Samoa

· Tahiti

· Vanuatu.


Currently our membership covers all countries or territories within the Region that have functioning squash courts. We also maintain contact with other countries in the region who have an interest in the sport or may have courts that are currently not utilised.


The Federation provides development opportunities for Members by coordinating coach and referee programs and providing financial assistance for junior players across the Region to travel to sanctioned junior tournaments. Through a global sponsorship agreement between the World Squash Federation and Dunlop Slazenger the Federation distributes free-of-charge squash balls to the smaller island Members to assist in the development of the sport in their country.


We also work closely with the Members to provide a program of annual and bi-annual events across the Region.



OSF maintains a relationship with the Sports Federations of Oceania (OSFO), the Oceania National Olympic Committee (ONOC) and the Pacific Games Council and supports their objectives to advance the promotion and development of sport in the Oceania Region. When squash is a competition sport in the Pacific Games program the Federation assists the host country in the preparation and management of the squash competition.



General Meetings are held annually including elections for half the Board Members each year. Up until 2020 these meetings were held face-to-face but with the pandemic causing travel restrictions in 2020 the first ever virtual meeting will take place.

Oceania AGM Minutes


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Oceania Presidents Reports

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The Federation is governed by a Constitution that provides a structure for the organisation, describes its purpose and defines the duties and responsibilities of the Board and its Members.

The first Constitution was adopted in 1992 and has been reviewed several times since then to produce the current Constitution.


OSF Constitution V7 29.11.2020