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About Us

What We Do

General Information about OSF

The Oceania Squash Federation (OSF) was formed in 1992 as a regional federation within the membership of the World Squash Federation (WSF) to cover the Oceania region. Other regional federations within WSF include Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.


The Oceania region extends from Australia in the west to Tahiti in the east; Guam in the north to Antarctica in the south. The region is represented by a wide range of different cultures and made up predominantly by islands of varying sizes surrounded by the majestic Pacific Ocean.

Strategic Objectives

Oceania Squash Federations vision is for Squash to be recognised and respected as a high profile, participant, growing sport and recreational activity for all sectors of the Oceania community.


OSF Strategic Objectives 2010-2015

Oceania Squash Federation Meetings

The inaugural meeting of the federation was held in 1992, Auckland, New Zealand and meetings have been held on a regular basis since then, normally in conjunction with the Pacific Games, Pacific Mini Games or Oceania Championships. The federation now meets annually.


2017 Tahiti 17th General Meeting:

 2017 OSF AGM Presidents Report 

 2017 OSF AGM Minutes 


Past Reports:

 2016 OSF AGM President Report

 2016 OSF AGM Minutes

 2015 OSF AGM Presidents Report

 2015 OSF AGM Minutes

 2014 OSF AGM Presidents Report

 2014 OSF AGM Minutes 

 2013 OSF AGM Presidents Report

 2013 OSF AGM Minutes

 2013 OSF AGM Workshop Notes 

 2012 OSF AGM Presidents Report 

 2012 OSF AGM Minutes
 2012 OSF AGM Workshop Notes 



 2012 OSF Constitution

 Squash New Zealand Report 2014

Other Reports

 Squash Australia Report 2014 

 Squash Australia Report 2013

 Squash New Zealand Report 2013

 Rules & Referees Report 2013


OSF Reports to the World Squash Federation 

 Oceania Report to WSF 2014

 Oceania Report to WSF 2013 


Past Reports:

 Report To WSF for the 2011 AGM

 2011 National Olympic Committee Annual Report