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Oceania-squashOceania Junior Development Grant

The Oceania Junior Development Grant is designed to support young squash players to participate in the annual Oceania Junior Championships, and other events across the Region, to gain experience and competition to achieve their goals. For further information please contact the Oceania Executive Officer –


Junior Development Resources

There are several programs available to assist Member Countries with the development of junior players in their country.


Big-handA two-sided hand bat designed to encourage beginners to develop sound racquet sports stroking techniques in a fun manner. More information is available on the World Squash Website in their Coach Development section.

Kiwi-squashUsing fun games rather than formal routines, Kiwi Squash is the national junior squash program for New Zealand. Details of this and other development programs can be found in the ‘Play Squash’ tab on the Squash NZ website –


OzSquash is Squash Australia’s national program designed for primary-age students providing a great opportunity to learn not only squash skills, but develop key attribute to live a physically active life. For more details on the program and resources you can purchase visit Squash Australia’s website in the ‘Participation’ area 


Check out the World Squash Website in their Coach/Development area to find more junior squash programs –



ISnzn the Club Support/Club Resources area of the Squash NZ website you can find some excellent club development resources on areas including club development, facility management, volunteers, club activities etc. Go to their website and check them out.



Sport-AusAnother excellent website to explore is the SportAus website – – there is a vast amount of resources in the Information section for sporting organisations including sports governance, sports nutrition & athlete development to name but a few.