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Latest News

Welcome to our new website!

Oceania 210On behalf of the Oceania Squash Federation, welcome to our new website.

The Oceania Squash Federation one of the five regional federations of the World Squash Federation (WSF). It provides services to its member countries and territories in the Oceania region, extending from Guam in the north to Antarctica in the south, Australia in the west to French Polynesia (Tahiti) in the east.


The OSF is responsible for promoting and developing the sport of Squash to all communities throughout the region and representing Squash on the WSF and various regional sporting organisations.


OSF covers a very large geographical area and communication is difficult so the new web site offers all Squash followers a new opportunity to communicate.

The website will provide valuable, informative and interesting information on Squash in our region, in addition to including links to other websites of interest.


I trust you find the website of value and look forward to receiving your input to enable us to keep the information and resources relevant and up to date.


Neven Barbour


Oceania Squash Federation

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