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Latest News


Please click here to read the announcement made by LA28 regarding the proposed new sports and find below the joint statement of the World Squash Federation, US Squash and the PSA in response to this very positive news.


  • The World Squash Federation (WSF), US Squash and the Professional Squash Association (PSA) welcome the decision by the LA28 Organising Committee to recommend squash for inclusion in the LA2028 Olympic sports programme. The decision is a significant and exciting milestone in squash’s history as the sport nears inclusion in the Olympic Games for the first time.

 We will continue to work together with LA28 and the IOC throughout the next steps of the process and look forward to the outcome of the IOC Session in Mumbai on October 16th, where the decision on the selection of new sports will be ratified.


As you gather, there are still a few steps to be completed before squash is officially added to the LA2028 Olympic Games sports programme, which are set to be concluded at the upcoming IOC Session in Mumbai on Monday 16 October.


Please note that following the conclusion of the IOC Session, we will be working together with LA28 OCOG to communicate and celebrate the inclusion of squash in the LA28 Olympic Games. We will provide further details and related marketing assets with respect to this campaign with you all in the coming days.


In the meantime, direct any media enquiries to  or  so we can coordinate the communication with the LA28 press team as per their request.


Whilst we still have to wait another week before we become an Olympic sport, today’s announcement from LA28 is testament to the global squash community. We now eagerly await the ratification from the IOC next week.


Thank you for your support and stay tuned for more information as we embark upon a fantastic journey across the Olympic movement.


William Louis-Marie

Chief Executive Officer

World Squash Federation

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