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Samoa Squash kicks off Monthly Tournaments

Squash Samoa is running monthly tournaments in preparation for the Commonwealth Games and the South Pacific Games next year.


Samoa Squash Court Shot 2017

EXPANDING AND PROMOTING SQUASH: The Samoan Squash Association looking to achieve medals in the upcoming Commonwealth Games next year and the South Pacific Games in 2019.


The Samoa Squash association has been busy with their tournaments so far, eyeing the Commonwealth Games next year and the South Pacific Games in 2019.


According to club Captain Andrew Tuali’i Ah-Liki, the tournament is part of promoting community-based players.


“Our last tournament was in August and we did not have a tournament in September but here we are again for the October tournament and currently sponsored by Bluebird.”


“The main aim of these monthly tournaments is to monitor everyone’s progress and improvements of the game,” he said. “We did not have a tournament in September because we had a team that travelled out to compete for the Tahiti Open and came back with a silver medal.”


The Samoa Squash Association is wasting no time but doing all they can to expose the Sport and preparing for the South Pacific Games and the Commonwealth Games next year.


“We will not be competing for the Vanuatu Mini Games but we are preparing for the Commonwealth Games next year and the South Pacific Games.”


“Our last monthly competition for this year will take place in November and A.C.P. will be the sponsor for that occasion.”


Tuali’i Ah-Liki said the Samoa Squash Association was also trying to promote the game in Samoa in order to gain more supporters and sponsors.


“Squash is not like Rugby and Squash Samoa’s only issue at the moment is the financial assistance we have, mostly the support we have comes from our 30 strong member’s pocket and few sponsors.”


The Squash monthly tournament takes place within three days and is divided among grades.


The Samoa Squash is also looking to expand and promote the game locally.


“Our board members are planning to expand the sport and try to host a Samoa Open next year in order to gain more support and exposure for us locally,” Tuali’i Ah-Liki said. 

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