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Latest News

2015 Pacific Games Day One

New Caledonia comfortably beat Papua New Guinea 4-0 on the first day of men’s team squash at the Port Moresby Racket Club on Monday.

New Caledonia Mens Team Pacific Games 2015

New Caledonia Men's Squash Team


Madako Suari Junior (PNG) lost to Nicholas Massenet (NCL) in the opening match. Suari, who recently recovered from injury, put up a spirited fight to take the second set but struggled in the fourth, going down 3-1.


Despite the loss, Suari was happy with his performance.


“I feel good. It’s just the first game, and hopefully we play them (New Caledonia) again on Thursday. I had an oblique (muscle) pull but I’m recovering and feeling better. Despite the injury I think I played well,” he said.


“New Caledonia is a tough team to compete against. They trained hard for this. It’s not an easy match to play but I am looking forward to the next round.”


PNG squash coach Marc Forster (AUS) was satisfied with Suari’s performance and believes he can step up in his next match.


“It’s just the first day, but I think it was good. Junior (Suari) controlled the game, but ran out a little bit on fitness. He’s just got to learn when he’s getting in to that stage to attack the ball a little bit more and not try to defend,” Forster said.


“The last set I think Junior was controlling the game. He just needs to use his speed to accelerate on to the attacking ball and not just use his speed to accelerate on the defensive ball.”


Massenet was satisfied with the victory, and especially winning the first match for New Caledonia.


“It’s never easy, the first match, especially against the organising country. So it was a bit hard to get into the match, but I am happy with the outcome,” he said.


In the other men’s matches, Fiji beat Tahiti 4-0.


For more information on the 2015 Pacific Games visit their website

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