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Oceania Event Information



Squash emerged in a number of island countries across the Pacific Region in the 1950’s and 1960’s with the construction of squash facilities.  This led to a formalised competition being introduced, limited to the smaller countries and excluding Australia and New Zealand who were further developed and very strong in the sport.


Squash was included in the 1979 South Pacific Games in Fiji for the first time as an optional sport.  Following the Games it was agreed amongst interested countries to hold a regular competition and the first South Pacific Cup was held in New Caledonia in 1980.


As the South Pacific Games were held on a four yearly basis the South Pacific Cup was contested in the intervening years or when squash was not included in the South Pacific Games program.


Once the Oceania Squash Federation was formed in 1992 responsibility for the rules and playing arrangements for the South Pacific Games and South Pacific Cup was handed over to OSF.


A high priority of the OSF was to lift the profile of squash in the Oceania Region and establish its position as a regular sport at all future South Pacific Games and Mini Games (where possible).  This resulted in consolidating the contest into the Oceania Squash Championships. 


Member Countries are encouraged to conduct open championships events as a means to promote the sport in their country and attract players from other countries to compete.


To view the Oceania Squash Federation Championship Regulations : OSF Cship Regulation


The following Oceania Championships are held in the Region on a regular basis, hosted by Member Countries.


Oceania Junior

Oceania Closed

Oceania Doubles

Oceania Masters

Oceania Open

Oceania 2023-2028 Tournament Program